​With support from his flamboyant cat Chris, Dick Whittington is on his way to London to seek a fortune. They find work with Alderman Fitzwarren, where Dick falls in love with the Alderman’s daughter Alice. But, King Rat rules the underworld in London and sets a trap for Dick who is wrongly accused of stealing and is banished from London. Dick stows away on a ship which unknown to him is cursed by King Rat, the ship encounters a storm and sinks. Dick and Chris are washed up on the shores of Morocco which is overrun by rats. But hang on, Dick has Chris the cat, a “Champion Rat Catcher”, but how does the story end up?

Come and see for yourself this is a colourful, lively, funny family pantomime from 6 times winners of NODA Eastern Region Best Amateur Pantomime, The Wednesday Players

This is an amateur production​

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​​The Wednesday Players

Dick Whittington!

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